Sunday, April 12, 2015

Institute Teacher

For a long time I've like I needed to talk to my institute teacher about my feelings. It was difficult and I wasn't sure why I felt prompted to do so, but this week I asked my teacher if I could talk to him in his office. I didn't quite know what to say or ask but I went forward with faith.

I explained to him that first long as I could remember his experienced same-sex attraction. He listened patiently and did not show any signs of discussed or shock, which I appreciate. He was very honest with me and said that he was not very experienced as far as these attractions go, and that he didn't really have much advice for me. However, he and admired my courage and my dedication to the Gospel. 

I asked him if there were any questions that he had for me, and he said the only thing he could think of was if I could be a resource to him in the future if any of his children experienced these attractions. 

He told me that over the years his views on these this issue have changed. He used to think that people with these attractions were gross and they couldn't be normal people, but he and his wife and now have several friends who have been open with him about their feelings and his love and understanding for those facing this issue have grown. 

I'm grateful to know that while not everyone will understand these experiences, they can still be loving and supportive and be willing to listen. There are people in your life who you can trust. They will be grateful for your vulnerability with them, and your relationship will often grow deeper by confiding in them. 

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