Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Not that I'm any authority on the subject, but I have to speak my mind on the Caitlyn Jenner matter. I see so many posts either decrying him as a hero or heralding him as one. Do I see him/her as a hero? No. Not really. I have deep beliefs that God gave us our bodies and that gender is an eternal identity. HOWEVER, I think that some good can come from Jenner's transition. Because Jenner is a public figure, the world has now been exposed to the reality of gender dysphoria. I personally have NO idea how that feels, but I can only imagine how painful and agonizingly confusing that path must be.  According to various studies, transgendered Americans have a suicide attempt rate of 41%.  A statistic like this needs to influence our reaction to Jenner and other individuals who open up about their battle with gender dysphoria. 

I don’t know if it’s helpful or Christlike to encourage transitioning (whether social or surgical) by calling transgender individuals by new names and pronouns which they wish to adopt.  I really don’t know.  However, I do know that sexual realignment surgery does not solve the issue.  At least, that’s my deduction from studies indicating a 51% suicide attempt rate among transsexuals. 

Ultimately, the only thing that can enable anyone to conquer any trial is the atonement of Christ.  As for this politicized issue, I simply hope that people learn empathy for Jenner's struggle and others who battle gender dysphoria rather than being tactless in their disagreements. 

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