Sunday, August 20, 2017

Splitting the Sky

The Lord once encountered a particular young man, a man who had kept the commandments throughout his life and wondered what he lacked yet to be saved in the kingdom of the Father. Christ told this young man that he needed to sell all that he had and give it to the poor (Luke18:18). To follow Christ, we must show that we put Him first in our lives. 

This couple showed an incredible caliber of faith as they chose to follow Christ. Can you imagine the heart-wrenching nature of their sacrifice for the Savior? How do your personal sacrifices compare?

I won't be surprised if I get some flack for posting this, but these women are an amazing example to me.

What are you willing to surrender to the Lord?


  1. Are we willing to sacrifice anything and everything to follow our savior? I can't imagine. This story runs so opposite of the direction the world is going. Thanks for sharing and inviting me to think of my own.

  2. Oh man. That was amazing. What courage, strength, faith, fortitude and all the other words...those lovely girls are faith builders for sure.