Thursday, December 14, 2017

Merry Christmas!

This by far is my favorite time of year. This is not necessarily due to the presents I'll be receiving or the opportunity I'll have to eat protein at my parent's house. While these are wonderful aspects of the Christmas season, the music seems to touch me the most. The myriad of songs welcome the coming of the Savior. It's easy to get discouraged with finals and the stress of travel, yet these hymns bring me peace and hope.

Sometimes we experience a sense of despair when we realize that our lives aren't going to turn out the way that we had hoped and planned and that some dreams won't come true in this life. However, the remembrance of Christ's birth fills my soul with hope that I am safe in His scarred hands and that there is a divine plan, even for me!

I know that I often fall short of the glory of God and that I'm far from an adequate representative of Christ, but I also know that we have a living Savior who loves us deeply just as we are, and that He loves us too much to let us stay as we are. When I want to give up and sulk in stagnant mediocrity, He alone pulls me out of my head and inspires me to face another day through His eternal grace.

May we remember his season that Christ is the perfect gift, freely given to our unworthy souls, and that when we "light the world," we give a tiny token of our appreciation to the Savior of Mankind.

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