Sunday, January 4, 2015

Avoiding Objectification

A frequent problem that SSA members of the Church face is objectification (viewing people as objects rather than people).  For me, body envy has always been an issue.  For years I was overweight (and, unfortunately, that trial is returning) and was made fun of because of it.  I couldn't run as fast or participate as successfully in sports as other boys, which lead to depression and self-hatred.  I really believe that my envy of athletic men's bodies accentuates my SSA, so I try hard not to objectify.

The issue of objectification affects people of all sexual orientations, so I believe that my advice on the subject is therefore applicable to everyone.

It can happen anywhere - seeing a good-looking guy at the pool or gym or grocery store - and so it's essentially unavoidable.  However, when I find myself in such situations, instead of trying to hide my head in the sand and forcing myself to not think about what I'm seeing, I try to think "Okay.  That guy is really good-looking.  Good for him.  Maybe someday I'll look like that, but if not, whatever.  I have a talent for recognizing beauty.  I'm going to move on now."

This has helped me immensely in regards to avoiding shame and depression.  For some reason my mind is just wired that way (having an attraction to other men) and I have no control over that.  But being real with myself allows me to let go of lustful thoughts.

I hope that this has been insightful!  Try it out!

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