Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Path

I will admit that at one point in my teenage years I wished that I didn't know that the church was true. I wanted companionship so badly, yet I didn't know how that could happen in a relationship in which I experienced no attraction to my partner (a woman). 

I have moved on, fortunately, from that period of confusion. I understand now that while yes, my testimony would render any same-sex relationship unfulfilling, that's not a bad thing! Because I know that the Church is true, I can press forward down this path knowing that God is pleased with me. 

In Sunday's devotional Brother Randall L. Ridd (second counselor in the Young Men general presidency) mentioned that if the only motivation behind an action we take is because it will fulfill God's will, then that is reason enough. 

I thought that was so powerful. The purpose of our lives is to learn to align our wills with that of our Heavenly Father. With that in mind, it doesn't matter if we crave something contrary to God's will. A simple appetite is not more important to me than maintaining my relationship with my Savior.

Building upon that principle, Ridd continues:

“We typically find what we are looking for.   The best way to avoid distractions is to have our focus firmly set on our purpose and to be anxiously engaged" (Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults at the BYU—Idaho Center, 11 Jan. 2015).

Therefore, we must stay true to the course that will lead us to happiness, true happiness, a joy that is eternal and will not result in regret and despair. 

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